SALES! SALES! And throbbing feet...

Shopping days and Dizzy daze

Black Friday is one of the most craziest sales for stores everywhere! People bust down the doors for great deals that they can only get once a year, and every year people get hurt or even killed trying to get the one item that everybody wants.
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Shopping Bags and Old Hags.

All kinds of people all try to bust through the doors of the big retail stores to get the special deals they waited all year for. From teens trying to get a gift for that special someone to old ladies in wheelchairs and walkers that just try to get a good deals then eventually getting trampled because they are going so slow or they just get pushed to the ground like everybody else.
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Friday! Friday! Going into Debt on Friday!

Retailers tend to use a type of phycological warfare, when competing against their counterparts. They make you think your getting a great discounted price on an item but after you buy the thing you want at the discounted price but you need to buy all the stuff for it at regular price.
Black Friday Is Not What It Seems

The Violence on Black Friday

On Black Friday the madness is so crazy there is a lot of violence that goes on and some of the reasons for the rude behavior is kinda dumb and just plain stupid.

Like on Black Friday 2012, two people were shot outside a Wal-Mart in Tallahassee Florida during a dispute over a parking space.

or During Black Friday 2010, a Madison, Wisconsin woman was arrested outside of a Toys R Us store after cutting in line and threatening to shoot other shoppers who tried to object.

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