Chinese Invevtion: Paper

Charlie and Joel

How the paper helped the chinese culture

This helped the chinese by letting them be able to pass on a message without actually speaking. It also helped them by being able to write anything down. instead of having to remember something you could write it down, stick it in your pocket, and keep it for later. In all, paper helped the Chinese in many ways and improved the culture by a lot.

How to make chinese paper

China: The Dragon's Ascent: Paper making - short clip

How paper was originally used in china

In China Paper was mostly used to make maps, remember something, and to inform someone about something. Back then they used paper like we use it today. Paper is still used and is used across the whole world. If you haven’t used paper in your life. Then that can’t be possible. everyone uses paper and it doesn’t matter where you live. paper is used every day.

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