Selena Quintanilla

By: Gloria Siguenza

Selena Quintanilla, known simply as Selena, was an American singer-songwriter. She was named the "top Latin artist of the '90s" and "Best selling Latin artist of the decade.

The 3 important things to Selena❤

5 interesting things about Selena.


April 16th - born in Lake Jackson, Texas


Selena starts a band "Selena y Los Dinos"

Selena Y Los Dinos make their first recording.

Won the first time Female Vocalist of the Year at the Music Awards.


Grammy for best Mexican American performance for "Selena Live"


Selena left home at 9 a.m. that Friday March 31, and at some point she came back. At 11:50 Her assisted alondra shot Selena in the head. police got a 911 call reporting a shooting at the motel. Selena was rushed to the hospital, which alerted her father. Doctors gave her five pints of blood over. Selena died an hour later.

Life lesson.

Selena was a hero to many young people. Because she sang in Spanish, she showed her fans tht their Hispanic heritage is something to be proud of. As one newspaper reporter wrote" Selena was a woman of the people." She showed her people and everywhere that it was possible to make dreams come true, as she had.