Stella & Dot Dream Team

APRIL KUDOS // Fabulous job sharing your StellaJOY!!

This happy bunch did a phenomenal job sharing the Stella & Dot brand in April!! With combined team sales of over $21,600, I'd say we have some celebrating to do! You shared your hearts out this past month!! You made your fans, friends and clients feel loved and beautiful. AND, you helped so many men become gifting heroes for the upcoming Mother's Day holiday!!!

Take some time this week to put some focus on your "why." Why did you open up your Stella & Dot business? Many times it's about much more than extra income.... at the Chicago Bootcamp this month we listened to Global VP of Training, Danielle Redner peel back the layers on just how powerful flexible entrepreneurship can be in designing a life you love. Whatever it may be - it's wonderful because it's all yours!

Tap into that WHY and let's make some magic this MAY!!!!!


Erin Reckner, Stella & Dot Heart of Leadership Star Stylist

April Sales Kudos // Let's CELEBRATE!!!

Brand Ambassadors / Active sales up to $499: Beth Campbell, Tara Tripp, Denise Eblin, Stephanie Ryan, Dana Zaratsian, Denise Ley, Giselle Bohannon, Brandi Osterman, Rose Ellis.

1.) Nora Cecil $4,306 (5% Bonus Commission)

2.) Erin Reckner $4,170 (5% Bonus Commission)

3.) Heather Funk $3,318 (5% Bonus Commission)

4.) Joya Cummings $2,681 (5% Bonus Commission)

5.) Caitlin Nystrom $2,309 (5% Bonus Commission)

6.) Kristi Chmielewski $2,091

7.) Leah Blazek $645

8.) Becca Mount $533

9.) Ashley Dunn $521


We added five smart sisters to the Royals in April.

Caitlin Schoeff - Sellersburg, Indiana (sponsor: Nora Cecil)

Lori Hillegas - Floyds Knob, Indiana (Sponsor: Caitlin Schoeff)

Kathy Wilson - Avon, Ohio (Sponsor: Erin Reckner)

Linda Suponcic - Mentor, Ohio (Sponsor: Erin Reckner)

Katie Kirschner - Chagrin Falls, Ohio (Sponsor: Erin Reckner)

HOOPLA & FASHION SHOW - Las Vegas, Nevada July 16-18

If you are still thinking about coming to Las Vegas with us, now is the time to hop online and register! The early bird registration price runs through May 8th. All attendees will be gifted $200+ worth of FALL COLLECTION PRODUCT to help sweeten the deal!!! (Plus, Renschke and I have been known to do a little spoiling for our teams, too!!) We can help pair up stylists to share hotel room costs, too. This is one of the most fun girls weekend experiences you will ever have!! LOL TREAT YOURSELF! INVEST IN YOURSELF! The entire atmosphere is so exciting because we are a profitable, growing, celeb-coveted and design award winning company. Jessica always chuckles at our current success... she says 'baby you haven't seen anything yet!" I'm dying to hear her announcements, plans and product unveils for the upcoming seasons. Come celebrate with us!!!


Earn a $200 product credit when you bring on a new team member in MAY!!!! How exciting to get tons of fabulous product just for sharing the Stella & Dot joy with other women and helping to grow our brand! Follow these three easy steps.

1.) Plant sponsoring seeds with a simple, short statement via email or FB.

"I've been having a lot of fun being a stylist with Stella & Dot, I could really see you loving this!"

"You keep coming to my mind as someone who would absolutely love being a stylist!"

"I can tell you are loving everything!! You should become a stylist and get it all for free!"

2.) Share home office material and let our informational products do the talking for you.

- Opportunity Call Access Phone Number

- New Stylist Guide Link

- Meet Stella & Dot Info Sheet

- Our Story YouTube Video Link

3.) Follow up by offering to grab coffee or a quick phone chat. You can even include me on the call, and I'll help out by explaining details.

IMPORTANT // IF your gorgeous prospect replies to you with a good reason why she must wait on the stylist opportunity - TURN THAT INTO A BOOKING! You know she loves the style! So explain that you totally understand that it makes sense to hold off on that for now, but that you would be thrilled to spoil her with hostess rewards so that she can still enjoy all of that beautiful product NOW! Explain that your style gatherings are super simple, just a bottle of wine and her kitchen table. And, since everyone is shopping now to freshen their wardrobes - she should get the perk of free accessories! Let her know that you still have May 16 or 17th available! How fun!!!

*Product credit will be awarded in two portions. $100 PC will be sent as soon as the new team member shows up in our system reports. The other $100 PC will be sent as soon as the new team member has launched their business and becomes JumpStart Qualified.

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