Crazy 4 Cats

At Crazy 4 Carnival

Crazy "4" Cats

It will be on Friday 27, 2016 It will cost $7.00 to get in

Crazy 4 Carnival

Friday, May 27th, 1am

Miami Beach, FL, United States

Miami Beach, FL

Their will be rides, carnival eats, and our fundraiser.
7:00 pm-All rides, games, booths, and consession stands open
8:00pm- Boats start giving rides

9:00 pm- The color run

10:00 pm- The fireworks go off

11:00 pm- The color run ends

1:00 am-Thank everyone, closing remark by Samantha Cain and Alyssa Lahoud, CEO

Crazy 4" Cats

We are helping endangered wild cats and hunters killing them. We are helping not have them not go extinct.