Mr. K-W's Weekly update

Friday, May 10

Friday, May 10

Friday , May 10

Auto , welding, construction , CNA , digital video production and photography are a few of the active classes OVS students have enrolled in at the Career Center. What an exciting future for these young people ! The options will continue to grow as OVS High grows at the TAC building.

Make plans for travel , for camps , for hobbies , for gardening, for movies , for swimming , for biking , hiking , tennis ! There are so many cool things to do in Omaha !

If you would like to try fishing , get out to a state park on Saturday , May 18th. This is the free park entrance and free fishing day for Nebraska. Visit the new Schram Aquarium .

It is always a good experience to join the reading club at the public libraries.

Students, be open to helping others, share your talents and gifts, tutor a younger person.

Thanks for being a part of OVS !

Mr. K-W

Friday, May 3

Well, the students made it through MAP testing ! Yeah !

Parents, hopefully your sons and daughters have asked you about plans for the next ten weeks . I know some students have shared about special camps , college visits, work opportunities, horse camps, and even Math camp ! You might renew a library card and check out a book the old fashioned style. Have fun with the many activities available in Omaha !

We have talked about the 7 Mindsets this year. I want you to have the list.

1. Everything is possible

2. Passion first

3. We are connected

4. 100% accountable

5. Attitude of gratitude

6. Live to give

7. The time is now

Keep pushing to finish each class to earn the best possible grade . We have only two face to face days left !

Thank you for all your positive effort this year !

Mr. K-W

Friday , April 26

Testing , testing, testing !

Oh, the stress that sometimes comes with those words !

To help our students we will be setting a mindfulness zone in the back area of the main high school classroom . The students have learned that breathing definitely helps reduce stress whether for class or work. Each student may have the opportunity to just take five minutes if they need to re-focus or calm down. A few students may need a stress ball to get to where they are ready to do well on classwork. We want our high schoolers to be able to recognize when to take care of themselves.

Thank you to all who returned forms for registration for next year.

We are looking forward to the move to TAC !


We had a great campus visit at Midland University ! I really appreciated the time and effort put forth by recruiting team.

In addition to our walking tour , we enjoyed a typical open cafe lunch ! The students ate plenty ! I believe the eSports arena was a huge hit !

Quick reminder to parents ---please check if you have re-registered on K12, signed Career Center forms, visited with students regarding course selection.

Next week we have a guest speaker and then testing the following weeks ! Be sure to keep up with your pacing guides !


Back on track ! Study schedules ! Spring time ! Tough to focus !

These are a few phrases being mentioned around the high school. Don't fret parents and students . We all will get through this semester.

I have worked with students one on one this week to touch base regarding next year course selection . If your child has talked with you about the Career Center , then you already know that forms need to be completed and turned in either to the high school or directly to the Career Center. This gives our students extra opportunities for learning.

Be sure to sign permission slips for our trip to Midland University , April 9th.


Parents and students !

This week was our trip to Creighton University !

The trip meant a lot to me as I am an alum. Our tour guide gave us a full morning .

Parents, please keep in mind that FAFSA may be completed in October of senior year. This will allow your child access to financial packages for the colleges they choose. will give you great ideas about the post secondary search !

Next week I will be at the Virtual Middle School to recruit students for the high school.


Congrats ! Students , you have completed three full quarters.

Enjoy the break, read a book for fun, go for a walk if the weather improves, and most of all , be creative !

We have two college campus visits lined up. First will be Creighton University on Thursday, March 21st. Be sure to have the permission slip signed and returned.

The second trip will take us to Freemont, where we will see Midland University. Again, be sure to turn in the slip for this April 9th trip.

Field Trip permission slips

Please complete and return to school

Mr. Koneck-Wilcox