Genetically Modified Organisms- A Horrible Idea

Harms the Enviornment

  • Unknown consequences
  • Could harm other wildlife
    • Monarch butterflies eating milkweed covered in GM corn pollen 56% lived, while those feed milkweed in normal corn pollen all lived
  • Insects will become super bugs resistant to pesticides engineered into GM crops
    • GM crops can also become super weeds
  • Viruses will snatch resistance traits from GM crops bearing genes from crop viruses.
    • Causes new strains of viruses affecting new plants

Health Risks For People

  • Unintentionally introducing new allergens
  • Bacteria in our bodies may be able to pick up antibiotic resistance genes
  • Because of the mass production, even sick chickens will go to the plant for processing.

Hurts Small Farmers

  • Become indentured to big firms
  • GMO crops may be too expensive for developing countries, causing bigger gaps between rich and poor

Reduces Plant Diversity

  • Creates greater reliance on a few crops
  • Diversification provides insurance against diseases, droughts, or insects
  • Monocultures are more vulnerable to attacks
  • May actually create less food


  • Nature takes millions of years, why should we be able to make changes overnight?
  • Mixing of bizare genes, such as flounder and strawberries
  • Hurt eating styles, such as Kosher and Vegetarian... foods that seem innocent may contain genes from other foods

Profit Driven

  • Deliberately over promoting benefits, and underestimating health, socioeconomic and enviornmental crops
  • Concentrate on high volume crops, not ones that could help feed poor people
  • Few seed companies control market- top ten control 30-40% of world sales

Poor Oversight and Regulation

  • US produces most of the crops, and the three organizations that regulate them are too relaxed.
  • FDA does not even regulate them.
  • GM foods do not have to be labeled, so you do not even know what you are eating, and the food cannot be tracked.