A Little Bit Scary

By, Tripp Stone

You may think Billy Bob is a little bit scary but.......

he is so strong and tall he can get pets down from trees. He also plays basketball with his brothers.

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Good Deed's

  • Billy Bob donates to charity.
  • He also donates some of his blood.
  • He chases robbers.


Billy Bob has 6 people in his family. He has 1 dad, 1 mom, 2 sisters, 2 brothers. They live in Beverly Hills in a marble mansion. They have a Lamborghini. Their house has a pool and hot tub with a water slide.


Billy Bob loves sports. He plays basketball, football, soccer, lacrosse,and golf. His favorite class is math. He is in the reading club.

Billy Bob's Favorite Things

Billy Bob loves reading. He does when ever he can. He also loves drawing. He has 76 full sketch books.