My smore

My year at a glance

My Sophmore year at frenship has been the best so far. I have keep my grades up the best Iever have. I have met new people,abd gotten really involed in ag. From Rasing a show hog to makeing it to state in horse juding. This year i have really found out that I want to do somthing with ag in collage. 

About me

I am a sophmore at frenship. I wouls say that this has been the best year of school for me ever. This year i have kept my grades up the best I ever have before. I have gotten very involed with ag, and made some great freinds along the way. From Raising a show pig to makeing it to stake in horse jugdeing it has been a great year.

Dream Vacation

My dream vacation would be to go on a road trip with my sister. Me and my sister are very close and we have always wanted to go on a road trip together ever since she got her lisence.

Advice for upcoming Sophmores

My advice for the upcoming sophmores is to try your best and et out of your comfort zone. Talk to people you wouldnt talk to. Have fun in high school dont get in trouble but dont be stressed out all the time. dont ever beafraid to ask questions in class.