Come to Texas

Are you tired of living in a place with bad soil and no natural recources, well come on down to a new settlement down south. We have a lot of land to settle and each head of the family can claim 4,605 acres of land, 4,428 acres are grazing land and 177 are for farming. Also you have to be willing to become an Mexican citizen. we also have rich fertile soil that is good for farming. some of our land is flat and that is good for raising cattle.

Another thing is that it is only 12.5 cents for each acre of land. since we are a new settlement you don't have to pay taxes for one year! you also have to become a Christian and loyal to the laws. we also have a good military system so their is no fear for intruders coming in and taking over. also if you settle 100 families you will receive 23,000 acres of land!!!!!!!!