Physical Geography of Egypt

The Nile is the biggest part of Egypt's geography. The Nile has cataracts which is where the water moves faster. It also has a delta that is a triangle shaped place with good farmland. There are deserts on either side of the Nile.

The Nile river flooded in created silt which help farmers grow food. Without the floods they couldn't farm in Egypt.

The physical geography helped protect them from invasions in a lot of ways:

-the desert to the West made it hard for invaders to travel

-the Mediterranean Seas to the North kept invaders out

-the desert to the East and the Red Sea

-the cataracts in the Nile kept them from coming from the South

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Social Hierarchy

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Pharaohs of Egypt

  • Menes: he wanted to bring upper and lower Egypt together and he built a new capital
  • Djoser: built the first pyramid
  • Sneferu: tough, efficient, ruthless ,built himself 2 pyramids
  • Khufu: who ruled in the 20,00s BC and he was curl
  • Ahmose of Thebes: he ruled all of Egypt he
  • Thutmose III: his brother died and left him the thrown but he was to young so hatshepsut ruled for him
  • Hatshepsut: she was married to Thutmose the ll she dressed like a man so she could rule worked to increase trade
  • Akhenaton: he attacked the religion and removed the name of the national god Amon
  • Tutankhamen: when he was dead his tomb was filled with gold and jewelry and his tomb was made out of gold
  • Ramses II: he lead the Egypt military and they never won and they never lost but they kept fighting
  • Alexander the Great: military leader founded many new cites like the port of alexandria


the rosetta stone is written in greek and egypt using three scripts hieroglyphic, demotic and greek) the rosetta stone is written in three scripts because when it was written three scripts were used in Egypt. They wrote in all three scripts so the priests, government officials and rulers of Egypt could read it. the rosetta stone was carved in 196 B.C. and it was found in 1799 in a small village in the delta called rosetta. the stone lists all of the things that the pharaoh has done that are good for the priest and people of egypt its there to help use know about the egypt history

Religion of Egypt

they worshiped many gods. they built temples for gods. the gods think that life after death is real because of ka (KAH). they treated mummies with special treated wrapped in cloth.
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Egypt vs Mesopotamia

Farming and Irrigation:

  • Mesopotamia: canals brought water
  • Egypt: Nike river flooded and created silt in the delta


  • Mesopotamia: polytheism and priests
  • Egypt: afterlife and mummies


  • Mesopotamia: cuneiform, ziggurats, wheel
  • Egypt: sphinxes, hieroglyphics, papyrus,


  • Mesopotamia: cuneiform
  • Egypt: hieroglyphics


  • Mesopotamia: ziggurats
  • Egypt: sphinxes, obelisks, pyramids


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Social Studies

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