Skier's Shangrila

50 foot tall hot-tub, Banana Cream pie, Tickets to Aerosmith

Majestic Details

Take a chance to completely rough it in the house that gives you chills! The easily expandable home has no pesky neighbors for miles, making it an amazing getaway. Skiing and other entertainment will be right out the door available at all times. Other breathtaking features include

  • naturally cooled house,
  • little sound or disturbances,
  • large floor plan,
  • no more electricity bills and,
  • adjustable windows and doorways.

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Sales Pitch

This house is a once and a lifetime opportunity! You won't have a house like anyone else on the block (because there aren't any.)This house is a dream house for all size families, and needs to be moved into immediately. Easy to move into, and if you buy this luxury home in a month you'll get 100 free hand warmers! Call (181)-818-1818 to learn more about your future winter wonderland before it's too late!

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