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Connor Franta vs Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa ever since being a kid he hung out more with the girls and acted a bit more "girly" then most guys. But as time went by he couldnt admit it to himself, he was gay.On May/18/2015 "Im gay" video came out on his YouTube channel. He had told millions of people through that video and for that, i think that shows more courage then most,

Connor Franta unlike joey was used to more guy figure, hung out with guys more then girls, which may have changed his perspectives. He hated admitting it to himself that he was gay. but time flew and it clicked to him of how he felt. Similar to Joey, he filmed "Coming out" video for his millions of subscribers to understand.

Both of these boys had a huge courage to tell millions of thousands of people that love and trust them. They've gotten a bunch of support. Tellin your parents would be nerve racking but imagine a billion people

Lionel Messi

Lionel messi, one of the most famous soccer players alive had a lot of hardship. He was first diagnosed with a small disease, which is a disease that he wouldn't be able to grow anymore. People told him he wouldn't be able to do soccer at his height. He proved everyone wrong. He is now 5'7 which is pretty normal for a 27 year old. This year {2015} he is the 2nd best soccer player in the world. He plays for his counties team, Argentina, and also Barcelona FC. He sure proved them wrong.
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Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton was 13 when she disobediently went out to the ocean with her friend and her Friends brother and father out in Hawaii where they lived. They dangerously decided to go out to the far side of the ocean. They felt something below them but they decided to keep going farther until Bethany got attacked by a shark on her arm. After a year of not having her arm, she made the decision that she would continue surfing since its been a hue part of her life since she was 4 years old. Now Bethany still surfs even if its hard shes gotten used to the feel and still does it for fun. She tought people that even with hardships in the way, Still try.

Talia Joy Castellano

Taila was one of the main people that persevered in her life. Talia was diagnosed with cancer at age 13. She inspired millions by her amazing perseverance and her amazing personality. She made a YouTube account talking about her story. Talia's goal in life other than to defeat cancer was to make sure everyone knew they are all beautiful. Before she passed away, she made a huge bucket list that she wanted to complete before she died. Unfortunately she didn't finish it all, her fans did for her and send Pictures to her family.

Bethany Mota

Behany Mota when she was a in jr.high she was home-schooled and as soon as she got to highschool people made fun of her and her sister. She was bullied for 2 years of highschool until she made a video on youtube of her explaining herself and her bullied story and people started to understand. She kept making videos but of things she does for fun. She still got bullied for how she looked and for being home-schooled. Now shes been on dancing with the stars, has a clothing line and is internet famous.
Bethany Mota Reveals She Was Bullied As A Young Teen