Coaching Conversation Starters

Know Your Audience


Who are we?

Exploring together ~ not monitoring.

Sharing resources ~ not observing lessons.

Assess the practice and results ~ not a teachers' competence.

Our Behavior

Give and Take

Non Threatening

Forward-Looking (improvement oriented)

Invest in Teacher Success

Target Specific Areas


Data ~ given to teacher

Focus on ~ What I saw NOT What I didn't see.

Who are the teachers?

Highlight types of teachers and scenarios.

We must take on multiple roles when meeting and talking with our teachers.

Group Activity

Read about your teacher, and imagine you are about to have your first conversation with this teacher. Create a bulleted list of "rules" and "questions/statements" (on your white paper) you believe are necessary and positive as you begin your first encounter with this teacher. Remember ~ you are here to support and work together ~ not observe or criticize.

Let's Go!

Before Entering...

Questions that help you get in the door~

1. How can I be of help to you?

2. What specifically do you wish me to look for?

3. What specifically do you wish me to know?

4. Is there a particular student you would like for me to watch?

5. What are the expectations for today's lesson?

6. How long should I stay (observe)?

7. When can we meet after the lesson?