MMS Weekly Update

May 1, 2015

PLCs Next Week

We have math and LA PLCs next week! Coverage is as follows: Patterson and Adams/Inman covering for Graney; Stapleton/Hildebran covering for Piper; Field and L. Smith covering for Wall; Haglan and Mr. K covering for Jordan; Woodring and Szymanski covering for Hudson; Johnson and Leazer covering for M. Fulton; Wilson and J. McGrath covering for Licitra.

National Teacher Appreciation Week

Next week is National Teacher Appreciation Week!!!!! HOORAY!!!!! As a token of appreciation, all staff members may wear JEANS alllllllll week!!!!!! Also, please plan for breakfast biscuits to start out week off right on MONDAY. In a joint effort from PTSO and MMS, you will have a little surprise each day to simply show how much we thank you for all that you do!!!!!!!!!!!

Special Shout Outs

*We would like to say a special thank you to Ms. Nichole Lentz as our interim counselor. Her final day at MMS will be on Wednesday. She has done an outstanding job stepping in and jumping right into the cluster of hormones moving around our building. She will be completing her school counseling degree next fall, and she shares that she has learned SO MUCH working in a middle school.

*Also, we'd like to take a moment to thank Ms. Poole-Ryan, who has stepped in to take over Ms. Brown's classes. As you all know, there are a whole set of different needs in a resource class, and Ms. Poole-Ryan has developed a great rapport with students. She also got wild and crazy the other day by creating a Kahoot with their science class. She has gone above and beyond what an interim sub would normally do, and we sincerely appreciate it!

*Thank you to all the LA and Math inclusion teachers who have had to keep their classes just rollin' as our EC teachers had to be out a little more than usual and unexpectedly.

*And thank you to the EC department! They have some major paperwork challenges this last month (and not by their own control or doing), and they have really worked together as a team more than ever to meet all the federal guidelines and deadlines. They have put in tons of extra hours and been at breaking points when CECAS decided to not work. They have been chained to their desks and conducted multiple IEPs in just a few hours time. These ladies have really been working hard. And we need to remember that behind every IEP, a child has a unique set of needs that the child deserves to have met by qualified teachers. These ladies have ensured that has happened.

8th grade Dance on FRIDAY

Friday is one of our special traditions for our 8th graders! Please remember that all 8th grade teachers will need to sign up to help in some way for that evening. Ms. Baker will be sending this sign up out ASAP. We have sold more tickets than we have in the past, and it's also a school fundraiser. Special thank you to Ms. Kosinski and Ms. Duckworth for the MANY extra hours they are investing for the awesome decorations!!!!! It will be a great evening!


Special congratulations to our newest GRADUATES in our family! Ms. Amanda Sarver will be graduating from WCU with her Masters in School Administration on Friday! Ms. Alicia Davis will be graduating with her Masters in School Administration on Saturday from UNCC! We know both of these ladies have worked extremely hard, and we are proud of both of you!

National School Nurse Day on WEDNESDAY

We are so incredibly thankful for Amanda Coble!!!! She has helped so many students and staff members this year, and we love her "can do" spirit and how she is so willing to just jump in and do anything to help! She will be receiving the MGSD ABCD award for all of her hard work and positive attitude, but if you can, take a moment to let her know your appreciation for her here at MMS.

Keep PUSHING this, please!! ONLINE SAFETY!!!!!!

Our Online Safety Parent Seminar on May 11 at 7pm in the MMS GYM! Special Agent Jon Letterhos will be facilitating this informational session for parents of teenagers on how to be more aware of online interactions! This is SO IMPORTANT and a great session! PLEASE advertise and share and attend yourselves, if you can!

Calendar for Next Week

Tuesday: Math PLCs; Study Hall after school (McComas)

Wednesday: Department meetings

Thursday: ELA PLCs; Study Hall after school (TBD)

Friday: 8th grade semi-formal

Home Athletic Events this week

Monday: Tennis and Baseball (Baker, L. Miller)

Tuesday: Soccer at MHS (Jones, K. Smith); Volleyball (Baker, Wallace, A. Miller)

Thursday: Tennis and Baseball (Jones, McKenzie)

Care and Concern

Many of you know the Fingado Family. Blaine and Lara are both former staff members, and they have two beautiful daughters, Emma (8) and Gracie (4). Almost a year ago, Blaine had a bone marrow transplant due to leukemia. He is now violently fighting graph vs. host disease, and his two main affected areas are his eyes and his feet. Many of you know that Lara has had to take a leave from Woods this semester due to the increased care for Blaine. Blaine will be having yet another surgery on Monday. This one, specifically, will be to remove all the bad tissue in his feet area in the hopes of growing good tissue. He is in great amounts of pain, and most pain medications are now not strong enough for him. In speaking with Lara, she said that Blaine really needs encouragement. If you would like to send cards of encouragement and fun stories from school (to provide distractions), I'm sure he would appreciate them. Lara has given me permission to share their personal address with you: 120 Alexandria Drive, Mooresville 28115. The entire family is in need of thoughts and prayers.

Personal Note

Staff: Today, I am attending the luncheon where the new NC Principal of the Year will be named. It's hard to believe it's been an entire school year of this amazing, honored, craziness. I just want to say a special thank you to ALL of you for being so understanding this year with my many absences (all for good purposes) and your patience with me. My commitments will officially end in early June, as I will still have responsibilities after today. But I just wanted to be sure you know how much I appreciate your support during this year. I will be off campus this coming week for 3 days with the State Board of Education, and 2 additional days for NCDPI in May, then 2 days in June with the State Board of Education. If any of you ever want to read about my adventures, I have had to blog about them (a fun challenge!!). I'll be posting some new things this weekend!
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