Richmond Elementary

List-Serv 5.12.16

Important Dates

May 13th Casey Farm Pre-K Trip

May 16th Vet's Theater- Grade 1

May 17th URI Field Trip (LeClerc)

May 20th Casey Farm- Grade 1

May 25th Vets- Percy Jackson and State House

May 26th Frosty Drew (Stahl, LeClerc, Neill)

May 27th Frosty Drew (Kauffman, Wnek)

June 16th Grade 4 Graduation 9:30 am

Parent Digital Literacy Night

Please join us in the Richmond Library on Wednesday, May 18th at 5:30pm for a Digital Literacy Night for Parents. We will be sharing some of the ways our teachers and students have been using technology.
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PTO Update

4th Grade Farewell: The date for the 4th Grade Farewell is Thursday, June 16th at 9:30am. The date was incorrect on the PTO calendar and has since been changed. We're sorry for any inconvenience.

Bank Day: Our last Bank Day of the school year will take place on Monday, May 16th. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped run the program this year!

Talent Show Date Change: Please note that the date of the 3rd & 4th Grade Talent Show has been changed to Thursday, June 2nd at 6:30pm in the café. It was originally scheduled to take place on Friday, June 3rd. Please see flyer for details.

PTO President Shadow/Vacancy: Our current President, Stacy Wotherspoon, is still looking for someone to shadow her for the 2016/17 school year and take over as President in 2017. Please go here to read a letter from Stacy about her time on the PTO and to view a job description for the position. Interested candidates should contact Stacy at

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World Language Update

Dear Parents,

Kindergarten students have now learned classroom objects and made a book about what’s in their backpack which they will be able to read to you. They are now telling what colors they like and dislike using the phrases “Me gusta” and “No me gusta”.

Grade one and two students made their own book with more classroom objects to put in their backpacks. We hope they will read the books to you and you will be as impressed as we are with their skills.

Grades one through four are now talking about things they like and don’t like to do at home and at school: montar en bicicleta (ride a bike), jugar con amigos (play with friends), jugar videojuegos (play videogames), pintar (paint), cantar (sing), leer libros (read books), dibujar (draw), colorear (color), bailar (dance). Try to ask them if they like to read books: ¿Te gusta leer libros?

Remember to visit our updated website at, to find out what we are doing in class and to access some activities and websites.


Señora Carpenter

Señora Gendreau

Spotlight on Learning: Why We Do Hands On, Inquiry Based Science

Learning Science by Doing Science

It is widely accepted that children learn science concepts best by doing science. Hands-on activities are motivating for students, and they stimulate inquiry and curiosity. For these reasons FOSS is committed to providing the best possible materials and the most effective procedures for getting students deep into scientific concepts. FOSS students investigate, experiment, gather data, organize results, and develop conclusions based on their own actions. The information gathered in such activities enhances the development of scientific ways of thinking.

FOSS investigations use age-appropriate objects, organisms, and materials to encourage first-hand experiences with the natural and designed worlds. Every investigation undergoes rigorous classroom testing to ensure that facilitation guidance and activity materials provide an optimal experience for teachers and students.


FOSS investigations are guided by questions. The overarching questions of science are "what's in this world?", and "how does it work?" In FOSS we break them down into discrete subquestions as scientists must, that can be explored effectively. In pursuing answers, students usually start with free exploration of materials, followed by a discussion of their discoveries. Often new questions arise while students seek answers, leading to additional student-motivated inquiries with materials to reinforce and extend concepts.


Summer Reading

SUMMER READING INFO WENT HOME THIS WEEK - To register your child please log on to

Click on KIDS - go now button

. Then you will see a

new user button - HIT LOG ON.

The notice that went home says to click on the register here button. We apologize but that is not correct, the LOG ON button is what you want to register your child. If you have any questions about summer reading please

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