Confidence in the Classroom

Is Bullying affecting the confidence in our children?

Are children defeated before they walk into our schools?

We live in a different world today, everyone can find out anything you do within minutes. When I went to school if you did or said something to someone at least you may not be confronted until the next day. Today, social media puts both ours and our children's buisness out there in minutes. As an educator my fear is our children are dealing with so much outside drama, they cannot concentrate in the classroom. In our last newsletter we talked about what basic skills our holding back our students confidence. In this edition I would like to talk about the effects of bullying destroying confidence in our children.

How many times have you heard the saying people bully people because they were bullied before. This may be true but this does not give people the right phyically or verbally abuse anyone. Have you ever wondered that your child's confidence may be destroyed before they step on the bus. I have some suggestions that may help this problem but I also want to hear feedback from all of you.

The ages of 11-14 are hard enough for most of us. I know i felt most awkward at this time. I wasn't bulled that much but I still felt uncomfortable because of my own insecurities. My confidence was low usually because of a bad test score, but now things are really changing because of cyberbullying. I could not imagine if people were able to post embarassing pictures of me. I am not sure if I would be strong enough to get on that bus.

What gave me strength is confiding in adults who I could trust. I needed to hear postitive reinforcements from the adults I trusted the most. I also tried to not get involved in situations that was not my business. If I did not say anything about people, the better chance I would have as not being a "target" from people.

These meeting we will talk about solutions and our opinions on how we can help our children who are being bullied and changing in the classroom.

Our Group Meetings will be educational for all; parents, and teachers. Everyone's opinion will be valued, because the number one objective of this meeting is to build confidence in our children.

What are your thoughts about bullying affecting confidence?

  • Are our students afraid to do well in school because they may be picked on?
  • Are our students afraid to come to school because of who they are friends with or what they look like?
  • Are our students embarrased of themselves?

If you answer yes to any of these questions please, come to our meetings and lets discuss these topics together.

Willard Middle School

Please come to room 165 at Willard High School

2020 Willard Ave SE, Warren OH 44484

See You There Every Wednesday Night

My Professional Experience

I graduated from Youngstown State University, with a bachelors degree in Math and Language Arts grades 4-9.

I have seven years teaching experience 4 years in Youngstown City Schools and 3 years in Warren City Schools.

I also worked with students with disabilities for 3 years at Vocational and Psychological Services in New Castle, Pennsylvania