Earth Interior

By kash hardin

Featchers of the earth

  1. The first layer is cald the crust it is what we are standing on it is made up of rocks and dirt.
  2. The second layer is the mantle it is made up of hot rock and is the layer under the crust and is 3000 colomiters deep.
  3. The next layer is the outer core it is made up of melted metal.
  4. The last layer is the inner core it is made up of melted meatel and ia inside the outer core
Sientist are able to study earths interier by studing sismic waves
Earth's Interior - Seismic Evidence Explanation


sicmic waves-vibrates that travel through earth carriing the energy released during an earthquake.

basalt-a dark dense ingunes rock with a fine texture.

pressure-the force pushing on a surface divided by the area of that surfave

granite-a ussuly light colored igunes rock that is found in contenental crust