Welcome to the Colosseum

In Italy

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Welcome To The Colosseum

Welcome , nice of you to visit the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. At this beautiful building you can see the amazing architecture and the huge arena. Their is much history behind this building. Oh, and did I forget to mention it's HUGE !!!
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How big is it?

This ancient building is 6 acres long. Standing at 4 stories high an oval and is 617 ft. by 512 ft. And inside it has an arena that is 250 ft. by 151 ft. It was so big it could even fit 50,000 people in the arena and took more then 1.1 million tons of materials such as stone , bricks ,and concrete.


The Colosseum was first built by Vespasian and then by his son Titus. Construction started in 70 ad. it is a roman amphitheater. It was originally built for the emperors to watch battles.It was also open to the people. This building wasn't always broken through the years , it got damaged many different times by earthquakes.


Nice to have you here hoped you learned a lot and had loads of fun! I know I did ! See you again soon at the Colosseum.
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