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Movers and Shakers

Angelica Herrera, who has been a bilingual liaison at Murphy School, has been relocated to Pupil Personnel Services at Meadowview. While she will still be doing translations for the District, we have asked her to also make translations for IEP's and other special education matters a priority. Her move was official as of December 5th.

Rosa Villalvazo is our new Bilingual Liaison at Murphy School. While she is tasked with performing translations, her focus will be more at Murphy School. She is available for other schools if they need oral translations for parents.

Juan Corona, Director of English Language Learners, will be making Murphy his new home school base. This will allow the District to provide much needed bilingual services for Murphy School, while still providing services for the District. His change will be effective January 5th.

Thank you to Angelica, Rosa and Juan for your patience and understanding while we make these changes.

Ready for Retirement?

No, I don't mean the new teachers who are asking themselves, "What have I gotten myself into?" but the veteran teachers that will reach age 55 and have 20 years of creditable service during the lifetime of the current WEA Agreement. If you hit these two milestones, please review the current Agreement and see if you think it is time to put in your notice. Please note that I would need a written letter of retirement by the first day we return back from our holiday break.

If you are close to 60 and 35 years of service, you may be in the required notice period that will end on the day we return from break. At our October 31st, School Improvement Day, our Assistant Superintendent for Business, Kevin Wegner, held a session on retirement. He answered a lot of questions from interested teachers, but if you would like more personal information, please feel free to contact either Kevin or me with any requests for additional information.

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