Crusader Conversation



By: Lauren Brokaw

Uniforms have been a controversial topic in Grace Christian School for many years. But recently the negative feedback has been growing; the fact that sixth through eighth grade now must change back into their school uniforms after P.E. has caused an uproar. The rule has been in effect since last the middle of last year and has caused quite the headache among students and teachers alike.

Changing twice a day takes up much needed educational time that the teachers really need. It takes so much time because of the number of facilities available. In the girls restroom there are only six stalls to change in; however, there are around ten or more girls in every class. When you have two groups of girls all trying to change in and out of P.E. clothes it doubles the amount of time it takes. On average it takes about five more minutes than we have between classes to change everyone into their proper clothes.

Also, it is extremely hot and humid in the summer months which makes changing harder than usual. Our school uniforms are heavier than our P.E. Uniforms and having to pull on a heavier shirt when you are hot and sweaty is awful. After having changed back into our school clothes we are late for class and still sweating.

Changing back into our uniforms after P.E. has caused loss of educational time and students' discomfort; it would be greatly appreciated if this rule could be changed.

The Music Trip

By: Beccamarie Le Grice

I believe it was wrong to cancel the annual music festival trip . We should go on the music trip because we only get to showcase our musical talent twice a year. With the music trip we would be able to perform three times a year. We work so hard all year in band and choir taking the trip is a way to be rewarded for our hard work. We get so much more than a trip to Universal from this trip we are able to compete and get critiqued by professionals in their field who help instruct us to become better musician ourselves. It was said that we as a school need to compete less and service our community more. But if that's true then shouldn't the sports teams have games cut also? Soccer has a very bad success rate from the last four years I've been at Grace and yet they are still allowed to compete, chorus has received very high ratings every year we go to compete and we have our competition cut or to be replaced by some less adequate competition in the future.


Sports Interview With Mrs. Bruni

By: Brette and Elise

"What school sports are going on right now?"

"Pep squad, flag football, soccer and volleyball"

"How old do you need to be to participate?"

"4th grade and up"

"When is JV volleyball's first game?"

"This Friday (the 4th) at Meadowbrook"

"When is Varsity volleyball's first game?"

"Friday (September 11th) at Redeemer"

"When is soccer's first game?"

"The first game was scheduled to be on Monday the 1st but was rained out so their first game will be on the 14th vs. Cornerstone."

"When is flag football's first game?"

"On the 15th against a new school to the league, Village View Christian."

"When was pep squads first game?"

"On the 15th at the flag football game"

"What is the main goal for Grace sports?"

"To learn skills, be part of a team, and have fun."

Student Spotlight

By: Tori Redman

Anna Grace Weathers is now an eighth grader here at Grace, and she's been here since the beginning. Not only is she a talented soccer player, but she also is very music oriented. "[I've been making my own beats] ever since I knew what a piano was," AG told me during the interview. AG's favorite style of music is hip hop, but she also loves listening to remixes of songs. Her favorite artists are KB and Odesza, and she aspires to be both of them. When AG makes her beats, she has a formula that she uses most of the time. "When I go to make a beat, I start with the main beat, then I add percussion, then I'll edit the starting beat and I'll just add on to that or keep it the same depending on what sounds the best," she told me. AG also uses specific softwares, including Soundation Studio, Music Maker Jam, DJ Mixer Online, and some others. If you want to hear some of Anna Grace's beats, check out her Soundation @Agizzel or her Music Maker Jam @Agizzel. "I'm definitely gonna keep making music!" AG told me when I asked her if she was going to have any beats up soon. So far she has three beats on Soundation that people can listen to. When I asked her if she was going to be famous one day, she told me: "Yes, I'm going to try my best to learn everything about music. Anna Grace plans on attending Full Sail University after graduating High School, and she hoped to major in music production. As for which high school she is attending, it isn't clear yet, although she hoped to attend West Port or Trinity Catholic.