Compass Farm Stand Run by Kids!

This week's edition written with help from Heaven!

Wednesday, June 3rd 11:00am - 2:00pm

This week we have:

Apples - Crispin, LynOaken Orchards - Medina, NY

Apples - Jonagold, LynOaken Orchards - Medina, NY

Zucchini - Green, Sorbello Farms - Woolwich Twp, NJ

Spinach - ORGANIC, Marolda Farms - Vineland, NJ

Asparagus - Sorbello Farms - Woolwich Twp, NJ

Kale - ORGANIC, Green Curly, Marolda Farms - Vineland, NJ

Onions - Red, Medium, Dagele Brothers Produce - Florida, NY

Thanks again to everyone who helped last week! We still need folks to sign-up for this week. Thanks!

Here's a link to the VolunteerSpot sign-up:

If you're having trouble signing up there please email Anna:

Compass Farm Stand Helpers:

10:00 -11:15 - Farm Stand set-up (2-3 people) - meet the veggie delivery person, stay with the veggie boxes until stand starts, help carry stuff downstairs, help set-up tent etc.

11:00 - 12:15 Farm Stand Helper (2 people) - bring one group of kids upstairs and bring down the next group, support the kids when needed, bathroom trips if needed

12:00 - 1:30 Farm Stand Clean-up (2-3 people) - bring one group of kids upstairs and bring down the next group, support the kids when needed, bathroom trips if needed, help put away tent, tables, and veggies, help carry things upstairs

Sara the music teacher's Kale Recipe

You need some kale. Cut it into 1 inch wide strips. Then what you do is boil the kale with salt and with red paper flakes for about 45 minutes until the kale is really tender. While the kale is boiling put some goat cheese on a slice of thick crusty bread. And poach or fry an egg. Then get a bowl, put the bread on the bottom, then the kale, then the egg on top. Last, grate some parmesan cheese on top and salt to taste.

A Recipe for Zucchini Fries and Zucchini with Corn and Cilantro from Chelsea

Zucchini Fries


2 Zucchini

1 egg White

1/4 cup milk

1/2 cup shredded parmesan cheese

1/2 cup season bread crumbs

Vegetable Cooking spray


Preheat oven to 425°. Cut zucchini into 3-inch sticks. Whisk an egg white in a small bowl, and add milk. Combine Parmesan and seasoned breadcrumbs in a separate bowl. Dip zucchini sticks into egg mixture, and then roll in breadcrumb mixture. Coat a baking sheet with cooking spray, and place zucchini on sheet. Bake for 25–30 minutes or until golden brown.

Zucchini with corn and Cilantro


1 teaspoon olive oil

3 1/2 cups cubed zucchini (about 1 pound)

1 cup frozen whole- kernel corn

1 table spoon fresh chopped cilantro

1 table spoon fresh lime juice

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/8 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper


Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add zucchini and corn; cook, stirring occasionally, 7 to 8 minutes or until zucchini is crisp-tender.

Remove from heat, and stir in cilantro and remaining ingredients.

Let's Share Our Best Recipes!

If you have any recipes for these ingredients please email them to Anna in the Pine class.

Love Heaven