Al Madireddy's Photoshop Activities

The Things I did in Photoshop

What I did

I did a different tutorial every day, and learned all the different things the tutorials used. I learned how to create smart objects, how to use the burn and dodge tool, and how to use the oil paint filter. I also Made glowing light streaks using paths and then stroking it, and how to render clouds, noise, and how to create 3d text. I also learned how to use the Perspective and warp tools, and made smoke using the liquefy filter.

One of the first things I learned: Basic Light Streaks

Big image
Big image

Space Effect

In the picture above, I learned how to create stars using the Noise tool, learned how to use the lighting effects, and learned how to apply Gaussian Blur. I also had to render clouds, learn the blend mode "Overlay," And had to create smart objects. I worked on this for two days.
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"Warp and Wisp"

I used brushes to create dots that I warped to create the pattern in the middle, then the liquefy filter to create the smoke in the back. I used the noise filter to create the big warped rectangle in the background, and used the blend mode overlay to color it with a brush.
Big image

Abstract Line Art

This is the last picture that I made, I used the polygonal lasso too, and made the shape that i filled to create the shapes. Then, I used the Path tool and stroked it, to create the wavy lines. To make the light and dark shades in each shape, I used the Dodge and Burn tools, which I figured out how to use during the making of this.