Welcome to Africa

By:Enoch Woolfolk

Go to the longest River in the world!

The NIle River is the longest river in the world. Its water supports practically all agriculture in a lot of places. Here you can bungee jump over the Nile River which is very fun. You get to see the beauty of the river itself and everything around it.


Madagascar is the forth largest Island in the world made up of a highland plateu with a lot of agriculture. Here you can go to beaches. The beaches look very good and warming. Also, you can go see volcanoes or fish in Madagascar.

Kalahari Desert!

The Kalahari Desert covers 100,000 square miles in Southern Africa. It has reddish sand, and lies between the Orange and Zambezi River. Here you can sandboard. Sandboarding is like snowboarding except instead of snow there is sand.

Atlas Mountains!

The Atlas Mountains extend 1,500n miles from southwest Morocco. Which is where the highest mountain ranges are found. These mountains are rich in minerals, phosphates, coal, iron, and oil.Here you can take a nice hike and enjoy the view of the mountains.


Africa has a lot of nice physical features to travel to. Here I choose four to tell you about but there is another one that is a very nice place. It is called