Christmas in The United Kingdom

by:Logan Kahl

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How to say Merry Christmas in the UK 'Blithe Yule'

Christmas Traditions in the UK.

In the UK they sing carols, give each other presents, and hang stockings right above their fireplace. They also leave stuff out for Father Christmas / Santa or they leave mince pies out for him.

Christmas Food

In the UK for Christmas’ they usually eat roast turkey, roast vegetables, carrots, peas, stuffing, bacon, and sometimes sausage “and sometimes it is” served with bread dressing and cranberry sauce.For dessert, they eat Christmas pudding, chocolates, “and” mince pies.

Santa’s/Father Christmas’s Goodies in the UK.

They leave mince pies, cookies and milk, or orange juice.

UK Christmas symbols

Symbols of Christmas in the UK are Christmas trees or maybe even 2 trees and mistletoe, singing carols, and presents. Stockings or pillowcases are always above their chimneys for Father Christmas/Santa to leave candy in.

Length Christmas are Celebrations in the UK.

Christmas celebrations in the UK last only one day, which is Christmas day. Christmas day is on Dec. 25,. so that is when they celebrate.

Christmas Music in the UK.

In the UK, they sing carols and do other things like sing UK Christmas songs, which are"All I Want for Christmas Is You,"and "At This Time of Year".

Christmas snow in the UK.

The UK is a lot like the United States when it comes to snow. Sometimes it snows on Christmas and sometimes it doesn't.

Gift exchange in the UK.

In the UK, they always exchange gifts on Christmas. Just like America, they also get gifts from Father Christmas/Santa or, if you’re bad a lump of coal.

UK Christmas Trees.

In the UK, normally the people put up 1 or maybe even 2 Christmas trees. They also decorate it and put presents under the tree which also has a star on top.

How the UK Santa enters the house.

In the UK, Santa enters the house by going through the chimney or if you don't have one then he enters the house by using his magic key.

Christmas games in the UK.

In the UK, they play a few Christmas games like “Pin the Nose on Rudolph the Reindeer” and “Who Has the Best Christmas Story.”