conspiracy theory

Global warming


The conspiracy of global warming(Definition)

:A conspiracy of global warming invokes claims that scientific s consensus on global warming is based on conspiracies to produce false data or suppress is one of a number of tactics used in climate change denial to legitimse politicial global warming contreversay disputing this consensus.


What most people believe

What most people believe:”people ask me if i believe in global warming.i tell them,’no i don't e is because belief is faith;faith is the evidence of things not is the evidence of things seen.


3 Pros For The conspiracy theory

3 Pros For The conspiracy theory

1)global warming also known athropogenic or human caused global warming,is the rising average temperature of earth’s atmosphere and oceans and its related affects.

It refers to clams

  • Isent happening

  • Isent called by humans

  • Isent significant

2)Flordia trailer parks will finally be safe.Scientists have been quick to claim that global warming will cause more severe storms and a rise in hurricanes and all sorts of servere weather.

3)improves agriculture in high lattitude regions

Cons For The conspiracy Theory

Cons For The conspiracy Theory

1)Decreasing human water supplies, increased fire frequency, ecosystem change and expanded deserts

2)Decline in rice yields due to warmer nighttime minimum temperatures (Peng 2004, Tao 2008)

3)Increase of Western United States wildfire activity, associated with higher temperatures and earlier spring snowmelt (Westerling 2006)


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