Buildologie Bulletin

March 2019

On the Home Stretch!

Our 5th graders are checking off missions left and right! They've been using the System Development Life Cycle to understand the goal of their mission, design a strategy to meet that goal, build and program their robot accordingly, and test out their results. Invariably, their plan will need some rethinking before they can mark a mission completed and move onto the next one. Productive struggle is needed to Define Problems (Science & Engineering Practice 1), Plan and Carry Out Investigations (SEP 3), and Analyze and Interpret Data (SEP 4).
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Shout-Out to Teachers and Mentors!

The students aren't the only ones working hard! Teachers have been assisting both during Buildologie and in their own classroom, especially with helping the students research their real-world water topic. However, if you walked into Buildologie, you might also see the teacher helping teams figure out how to correct their robot's program and helping teams work together.

Our Buildologie mentors, who are college students hired by Bytes and Bots to teach programming and engineering for us, also work hard to make sure the students understand enough to make their robots do what's needed to complete missions. The mentors even came to Ross STEAM night to support our students!

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What's Next

April is all about showcases and judging! First, classes will invite visitors to enjoy their showcases. The following week, the teacher/mentor-chosen top 5 will give their presentation to judges (from our AESD staff). The judges will choose 1 finalist from each class. Those finalists will be invited to compete at Play Code Compete on Saturday, May 18.

Our Buildologie showcases are as follows, in Room 13 of Ross Elementary:

  • Mrs. Armen: Monday, 4/8 8:40-9:40
  • Mrs. Perotin: Wednesday, 4/10 8:40-9:40
  • Mrs. Luskey: Wednesday, 4/10 10:45-11:55
  • Ms. Martinez: Thursday, 4/11 8:40-9:40
  • Mrs. Whitcomb: Friday, 4/12 10:45-11:45

Please feel free to visit any of our showcases or Play Code Compete!

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Written by Heather Boling

Heather is AESD's Bytes & Bots Digital Learning Coach. This month, she has been finding judges for both the preliminary judging and for Play Code Compete. She has also been supporting mentors and teachers, conferencing with students regarding their presentations. In addition, she has been assisting in delivering instruction for Scratch and eSports and has been coaching staff on a variety of topics.