Culminating Performance Task - SNC 1D - SHAREN RASATHURAI

Sustainable Ecosystems

1. I will be living in the Temperature Deciduous Forest Biome because it is a good biome for me to live in where the temperatures are higher (warmer climate), has a longer growing season, its dominated by deciduous trees, and most of all, it has the greatest biodiversity. Having the greatest biodiversity will make it a very 'green' environment because there is more natural life (natural activity) and there are many ecosystems involved. It is the most well known biome because it goes through four seasons where the leaves change color autumn, then fall off in the winter, then grow back on in the spring. This adaptation allows plants to survive cold winters. (Examples of plants and trees in this biome).


Mountain laurel (flowering plant)


Azaleas (deciduous flowering shrub)


Oak trees

Broad leaf trees

Maple trees

Beech trees

Hickory trees

Chestnut trees

2. The deciduous forest has a very rich and fertile soil (mostly composed from fallen leaves). That it why my garden will be full of different foods like wild blueberries, strawberries, potatoes, wild rice, and especially corn and tomatoes. Corn and tomatoes are some examples of foods that need warm temperatures to grow, which is perfect considering where I live! All these foods that i will be growing are all native foods because I would like to keep my biome as naturally sanctioned as possible (original). Since I do not want to harm any animals eating my crops or harm the soil, I will use natural fertilizers, such as wastes (animal and plant), compost, synthetic fertilizers, etc. I would try to avoid animal manure when there is heavy rain because of runoffs that enter other water ecosystems then can result in algal blooms which is when algae grow then die and decompose. This decomposition cause bacteria that use oxygen which decrease the levels of dissolved oxygen in water, which then kills fish and other aquatic organisms.

3. The mode of transportation that I will use is my bicycle. It is the best choice for me because it is efficient and Eco-friendly. Some advantages of using a bicycle are that it doesn't produce any pollution which means cleaner air, its a good way of staying fit (exercise) and you don't have to pay for gas every month.

4. In my home, I would have three types of waste management systems like, recycling paper, recycling plastic, and compost. it is important to recycle, so that one day we don't lose all our nonrenewable resources and we can reuse and not waste resources. Here is a video on why recycling is important. ENJOY!

5. My family will sponsor a panda bear from the local zoo because they have become endangered due to habitat destruction which is caused by humans, therefore not their faults. So why do they need to suffer and decrease their populations because of something us humans did? The answer is, they don't! Even though we cant magically grow pandas back, we can do small things that make a big difference. So by sponsoring a panda, I send a lot of money to the Wolong Panda club which will take care of it for me. Here is a website below if you would like to donate some money to save our pandas.

Populution: Why is Recycling Still Important? -HD-

Atoms, Elements, and Compounds

1. There are many chemicals found in my house that could be toxic such as paint, air freshener, washing detergent, toilet cleaners and more.

2. Detergent- Tide pods


  • water
  • polyethyleneimine ethoxylate
  • glycerine
  • fatty acid salts
  • polyvinyl alcohol film film
  • ethylene Diamine disuccinic salt Chelant
  • sodium bisulfite process aid
  • calcium formate
  • sodium formate
  • hydrogenated castor oil
  • natalase
  • dyes
  • perfume

I have chosen SODIUM formate.

3. Sodium is found in group 1 (Alkali Earth metals) period 3 on the Periodic Table.

4. Sodium is a metal.

The Characteristics of Electricty

1. For my house I will use two electrical energy sources to power my home. I will use Solar Panels (higher temperature means more sunlight) and Hydro-Electricity. Both of these energy sources are Eco-friendly, sustainable, reliable and are renewable sources. Solar power is when you convert original sunlight into electricity using solar panels. Solar panels use lenses and mirrors to transfer the sunlight into small beams which then carries it out and transfers it to electricity. They are also cheaper to produce than any other non renewable source and I can store extra energy that I wont use in the night. Hydro-Electricity is when electrical power uses gravitational force from flowing or falling water to generate hydro power. Both of these sources are free after installed and they don't pollute the earth!

2. Some physical structures that I will use are solar panels, a slate roof, triple glazing windows, insulators (wool) , wooden floors, and more. Windows are a great example of an insulator because they don't allow heat to escape. To reduce my energy wasted i would store it up with my solar panels, and use it when there is a blackout or a heavy storm. (More physical structures are listed at the bottom page with reasons to why I chose it).

3. All my appliances that will be in my house will all be from the brands: EnergyStar and EnerGuide because they are a program that help the earth through superior energy efficiency and help people save money. They are both trusted organizations. Some types of appliances that I will have are refrigerators to store food so they won't go bad, a microwave to heat up cold foods, and a toaster oven to bake small foods, dishwasher to wash my dishes, and a washing machine and drying machine.

4. The types of light bulbs that I will use are LED light bulbs because they are cheaper then others, they are very environmentally friendly (contributes less to climate change), and they use less energy but are the most energy efficient.

1000watt solar power station
Renewable Energy Source: The Micro Hydro Generator

The Study of the Universe

There are many different types of technology in my house that has been developed or researched due to space explorations. Some examples are fire and smoke detectors, water purifiers, and thermometers. Fire and smoke detectors were created because it is important to be alarmed when there is a fire, and to know what to do. You should at least get out of the house as soon as possible. Thermometers are a useful because they check your body temperatures and alert you if things get to out of hand, you should go see the doctors.
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Part 2: Home Design

My house will include

  • wooden floors (recyclable)
  • wooden walls (renewable resource)
  • wooden window frame (well insulated, timber can be recycled)
  • triple glazing windows (better insulator than double glazing)
  • insulator-wool (does not pollute in manufacturing or installation)
  • roof-slate (can be recycled, can be used for a long period of time)
  • solar panels (once installed, it is free)
  • geothermal energy (free energy from a renewable source, does not pollute, and little cost of electricity to power the heat pump)
  • farm outside (crops, gardens)
  • trees and plants
  • animals (pets)
  • bicycle
  • recycling bin

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