Best Educational Mobile Apps

for K-12 students


This app is a virtual planner. It works on Apple products, Android phones and tablets, Kindle, Windows 8 and Google platforms, as well as through the website. Individual students can purchase and run the program or a whole school can purchase for school-wide application. With myHomework, keeping track of tasks and assignments has never been easier for students, teachers and parents.


A FREE mobile and web application for creating citations, reference pages and bibliographies. This is great for secondary students who are writing research essays and need to follow a citation method, be it MLA, APA Chicago and more. Scan a book bar code, or search for a source's title and RefMe will lookup and help input all the necessary information. Go back and access your work anytime because it's saved in a cloud. Or, import or export you work to and from Word, Evernote and many more applications.

Vocabulary Spelling City

A game centre type app that helps improve spelling and vocabulary through a variety of word games that are adjustable for grade/skill level. For example, "Spelling Test Me" reads words aloud, uses them in a sentence and repeats the word so students can work at their own pace. Available in several languages Vocabulary Spelling City also runs on desktop and notebook computers, chromebooks, tablets, Apple products and Android products. Premium memberships can be purchased so students can receive log-ins and teachers can keep track of progress.

Virtual Manipulatives

Virtual Manipulatives is a FREE app of math manipulatives available for iPad. Students are able to touch and drag different fraction manipulatives to help them construct their own understanding of math. This is a great hands on app for young students who are learning basic math skills. Teacher or parent assistance will most likely be necessary in the beginning to help kids get started.
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This interactive whiteboard and screencasting application, available for iPad. Using an iPad teachers and students can create lessons through the app or by importing content. Once lessons are finished they can be shared and viewed on any almost any device and are saved through online accounts. Individuals, classes and whole schools can take advantage of Educreations and provide feedback on student work. This app could be used for a variety of age and skill levels depending on the amount of support needed.