S9 Faculty Update

March 16-20

High School Information Updates

Dates to Remember

  • March 19 - Report Cards
  • March 20 - Last Day for Peer Observations
  • March 23-27 Spring Break

Begin With The End In Mind

It is hard to believe this school year is almost over. We have nine weeks of school until summer. If we were a Southeastern Conference football team, we would all be holding up four fingers!

As year end gets near, the school cycle tells us to begin planning for next year. The administration team discussed this week a few thoughts for 2015-16. I believe it is important for us to consider streamlining goals.

Data will drive our CIP. I will begin to receive some of those results around late April or early May. Soon after, we will begin to develop goals for the ACIP, Educate Alabama, and Instructional Rounds. I look forward to working with you to develop these goals.

Academic Vocabulary

If you do nothing else when viewing this newsletter, you must visit this website. VividVocab

This site is a great resource for students and teachers. I can think of a variety of ways I could use it during instruction. I also think I'd improve my own vocabulary after a few minutes of reading/listening to the vocabulary stories. Try it. You may realize a use for it too. I know our students would enjoy learning new words easily.


Thanks to Mrs. Madison for encouraging participation in Digital Learning Day at S9! I also appreciate all who participated and tweeted about it. We have a great school for the public to see. Your social media posts help so much.