Mesopotamian Achievements

Charlotte L.

The Wheel

The invention of the wheel was used to help push things on carts. Wheels were added onto carts, which helped pulled the weight. The impact on modern society resulted in cars, and about anything that rolls/moves.


Ziggurats were temples, used to worship gods. They were normally tall, in order to get closer to the 'gods'. Today, their impact has been turned into churches.

Invention of Sailboats

Sailboats in Mesopotamia times were used as transportation across water for humans, or goods. They looked similar to canoes, and most of them had fabric on them to catch the wind during Mesopotamia times. Their impact has resulted into bigger boats, more advanced sailboats, and even cruise ships.

Invention of Tablets

Tablets were used to write/carve down important dates onto stone, and sometimes clay. Tablets with pictures are hieroglyphics, which are similar. They have been advanced into books and writing utensils.

Invention of Calendars

The invention of the calendar was important because it helped keep track of the dates, years, months, etc. It was invented by calculating the movement of the solar system, and writing/carving it onto stone tablets. It's impact for us is our normal calendars, and other items used to keep track of the date.