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Bacon is a wireless digital audio sound system that can connect with both bluetooth and WI-FI, Bacon uses a DUAL (Digital Uncompressed Audio Link) technology which truly delivers lossless audio quality to as many speakers as u can imagine.

So you ask, how can BACON make your audio so savory no matter what your playback device? well, Bacon achieves the highest quality sound possible,and we know Bacon would need and amplifier capable of matching its muscle. So, with professional support we developed BACON'S ideal partner: Cheese. By delivering true sound quality this is absolutely perfect, CHEESE will make BACON sound even tastier.

The time has come for BACON and CHEESE.


Bacon is a sound system that you and your family will fall in love with because of its unique sound and how fast it works, we promise that your money isn't going to be wasted on something that you won't like, so come on get your BACON n CHEESE sound system.