Death by Dr.Pepper

Is there a deadly chemical lurking in your soda?

What’s Really in Your Favorite Drinks?

Everyone knows that soda is bad for you. It has very high levels of sugar, high amount of calories, no nutritional value whatsoever. However what you don’t know is that not only is that drink filled with artificial sugars and sweeteners but it has a cancer causing chemical hidden inside the artificial brown color.

How Is Soda Coloring Linked to Cancer?

The caramel coloring that is used in your favorite soft drinks contains a very high level of chemicals in it called 4-MEI. 4-MEI is a cancer causing chemical in caramel coloring. Caramel coloring is a coloring that factories add to sodas to give them the rich golden brown color. Caramel coloring is the most used food coloring on Earth. California has limits of how much caramel coloring they can put in it, which is 29 micrograms, if the drink has more than that then the company has to put a lable on it saying “ WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer.” Researchers tested 81 cans and bottles of soda, all soda tested had more than 29 micrograms and didn’t have a warning label. If the soda has more than 29 micrograms of this chemical in the soda it highers your risk to get cancer. But not every soda has caramel coloring in it.

What Soda Companies use Caramel Coloring?

Researchers did a study on soda and what sodas had high levels of 4-MEI in them and they found unsafe levels of the chemical in these sodas that use caramel coloring: Coca-Cola, Pepper Snapple, Pepsi-Cola, and Dr.Pepper. Coke and pepsi products tested is causing about 15,000 cancers among U.S population. Sprite, which was also tested showed no great levels of 4-MEI in it. What everyone is wondering is why the Coke, Pepsi, Dr.Pepper, Pepper Snapple, and other soda companies are still using these deadly chemicals.

Will Soda Companies Make the Change?

Although it is impossible to totally eliminate 4-MEI from food, companies can reduce the amount of 4-MEI in their products. Some sodas already have made the change. The bad publicity forced the companies to take action and change the formula in their beverage. Coke and Pepsi both say that they will switch to a caramel coloring that didn’t have as much 4-MEI in it. Pepsi said that the switch to a different coloring would be complete by February 2014. For the companies there are some downfalls to switching to a new coloring like a different coloring that doesn’t have as much 4-MEI in it is 4 times more expensive. But I think that everyone would agree that it’s worth it. After all of the changes the pepsi and coke companies have made FDA said that you would have to drink 1,000 soda’s a day to reach the amount that caused cancer in rodents.

In conclusion everyone can drink all the coke and pepsi they want without having worries about the future. We can all hope that other companies are like coke and pepsi and can also make the change. But all of the sugar, calories, and artificial flavors in soda might be a new worry for you and your family.

Bailey Deeg