The Transmission Line Problem

What is going on with transmitting power

My Oh My, The Size

Only 1 tower is 140 feet high! That is the same as 14 5 - desk table groups. That is the same as 23 6 - foot men. There also has to be 1300 feet between 2 towers. There will be 10 towers to 2.5 miles, or 13200 feet destroying the wilderness. The distance of trail destroyed is 1320 5 - desk table groups. There is 15 miles of connecting trail. That is the same as 7920 5 - desk table groups.

Land Is A Problem...

The area where the towers are going to be built near a park with trails that might be destroyed when the towers are built. People are greatly opposing the fact that the trails will be bulldozed and that all of the trees will be destroyed. Maybe the trail itself will stay, but the trees giving the shade will go.

Vegetation Loss

Each tower needs 100 feet of clear land under it. That is the same as 10 5 - desk table groups. All trees, bushes, and other vegetation has to be removed. So if a tower gets hit by lightning, there is less of a risk that there will be a fire.