Course Updates - Nov 8th Deadline

This will be the next-to-last Course Update for this term.

All course work must be submitted by Nov. 22. No work should be done over Thanksgiving Break.

We have reached the final two weeks. The last two modules are on La Familia and La Comida (Food). Students' creativity along with their learning are allowing them to produce some great submissions. I hope that they are sharing these outstanding submissions with you. They have accomplished so much in these few weeks, and I am really proud of them!

A little bit more about the final week of the course: Dec. 2 - 5 - Review and Exam Week

Dec. 2 and 3: Students will need to review both Vocabulary and Grammar, from the first of the course up to the last module. A smart thing to do is to review the previous quizzes and exams because the Final Exam will be those questions recycled, for the most part.
Dec. 4 and 5: Exams will open at midnight on the 4th and end at 11:59 on the 5th. Students can take both exams on the 4th, both exams on the 5th, or one exam on the 4th and the other on the 5th.
One exam is the objective, multiple-choice and true/false question exam.
The second exam is a competency exam and will have a translation from Spanish to English for students to do. The Spanish will contain words learned thoughout the course with which students should be familiar.