Great Clips

BY:Caitlyn Surdel


Great Clips is a store where you can do a whole bunch of things to your appearance. You tell the hair dresser what you want and they make it happen. You can get your split ends cut off or get a completely new hair style. You can tell the person what color you want and they will make it appear in your hair. Great Clips does everything to long hair to short hair, coloring to fixing up a mans beard. They do kids to the elderly. Great Clips can do anything with hair.

How long has it been in buisness?

Established in 1982 and still running today.

Startup Fee

The staring fee can range from $0 to $50,000.

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Total Investment

The total amount of money you can spend to start up a Great Clips can be $114,150 - $216,000

Financial Assistance

Neither Great Clips, its agents, nor its affiliates offer financing arrangements for the purchase of the franchisee’s Salon. Great Clips may offer financing arrangements in the future depending on interest rates, availability of funds and other economic factors

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Training is available at headquarters: 5 days. At local training center : 3 days & ongoing.

Must Haves..

The franchisee’s management staff and stylists must also successfully complete all training required by Great Clips.

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Average of $100 per month

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