One-Room Schoolhouse

By: Ali Lewis

Where was the Schoolhouse?

These School houses were located in the middle of a community. The people that built them tried to place them to where no kid had to walk more than two miles.

The inside and out of a school house

There were bells at the top of the school inspired by churches. Around the 1930's the federal government used Work Projects Administration funds to make improvements in the schools. The improvements were the installation of a furnace to replace room heaters, inside chemical toilets and windows on at least one wall of the building. The windows were placed so that the light would come in over the students left shoulders. Famers built these building with the little material they had. The floor was either wood planks or dirt, they were usually painted white because white paint was cheap.

What was inside the school?

  • Oak desks that were one or two seaters
  • The smaller desks were in the front for the younger students, and they gradually got bigger toward the back for older and bigger students
  • Teacher's desk was in the front
  • A citation bench sat next to the teacher's desk
  • Pictures of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, a blackboard with the alphabet above it, aUnited States flag and a clock were all at the front of the room
  • Slates and slate pencils were used to write on
  • Pot-bellied stove

How many kids went to the One-Room Schoolhouse?

The amount of kids in the school ranged from 10-25.

Drawbacks of the school

  • Attendance
  • No tests
  • Bad libraries
  • Unsanitary
  • Teacher was the "custodian"
  • No one maintained the school in the summer
  • Teacher's had no training

Would you like the attend this school?

Yes I would want to go to the One-Room Schoolhouse. Because it seem like everyone was so close and you had a better connection with your teacher. Also it would be easier to learn because there are a lot of people learning the same thing as you. But the only thing I would not like is walking to school everyday and how the teacher punished the students.


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