information on Cuba

  • The population in Cuba is 11.27
  • The destinations in Cuba is Parque Historic mililtar Havana and peninsula Zapata
  • The government type that Cuba has is Communist state
  • The area of land that Cuba has 42,426 sq mi
  • The money they used in Cuba Cuban Peso
  • The biome of Cuba is a lot of places and the Deserts is one of them deserts in Cuba are very hot and dry they include a lot of things there like pyramids, sand dunes and oasises

Stuff you might wanna know

  • Did you that some canbans can access the open internet !! (it only 5 % of them)
  • I also found that only two countries in the world are not allowed to sell Coca- Cola officially North Korea and Cuba!!
  • I also know that Cubans were prohibited from owing cell phones until 2008
  • This man had left Havana in a hot air balloon in 1956, and has been missing ever since that day ever happen.

  • Cuba is has a lot of land and that

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