Trip to Vail!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The time to go is in the winter.

Information for the best trip EVER!!!

This trip is for you people out there that have never had a snow day or love snow.

Things to do.

You can


Have snowball fights

Sleep in


Snow board

Build a snow man


Sit by the fire

Drink hot cocoa

Play board games

and lots more.

Your Experience

The snow will be tremendous, and it will feel like a pile of bunnies' fur which by the way is the softest thing you will ever feel. It will be especially delightful to look over as you are skiing and see all the pure white snow, the trees and all the nature around you. At those moments all you will be able to say will be “WOW!”

If you want your first skiing experience to go very well then you should definitely take this trip. You might start out wobbly, but you will get the hang of it, guaranteed. Eventually I figured it out and had a super awesome time. All the restaurants will be stupendous, and one restaurant that you should definitely check out is Pazzo's Pizza. Another restaurant that is cheap and really good and is Joe's Famous Deli.