Update on Obesity in Kids

Written by: Callie & Lloydacia 8H

Sugar is a killer

"Sugar is the new nicotine", says Tom Rath. We don't realize it but it's true. The average person consumes 150 pounds of sugar in America per year! That's a lot of sugar, for just one person. This is probably why child and teen obesity is a huge deal and this century of kids will be the only century where they will live a shorter life span than their parents.

Some of the food diseases kids today face include:

-type 2 diabetes

-high blood pressure

-salmonella (from pork and/or chicken)

-E.coli (from beef)

-Listeria (from dairy)

The Food We Eat Does Makes a Differance

Soda, hamburgers and fries are all examples of food we eat that are slowly killing us. A way to change the way you eat to a healthier diet could be to eat whole foods. What that mean is to eat fruits and vegetable for example in their natural state so their genes haven't been tampered with. In the video below, you'll be shown how one of the food items we love, how hotdogs are made.
How It's Made - Hot Dogs

Ways To Solve This Problem

Some ways to solve this obesity problem could be:

-to get outside. Get up and exercise, go for a walk, walk the dog, anything. Just get up and stay active. Another way to stay committed to this can be to make a schedule planning on what you'll be doing on different days

-try eating healthier. Like we said before, try a whole food diet, you don't know how good it can be if you don't try

-cut down the amount of time you spend watching TV for example. If you normally watch TV for 2 hours, try cutting it down to 2 shows per day so you don't spend as much time staring at a screen all day

-if you take the bus everyday, try walking to school or if you live farther away, ride your bike. This way you're not standing around waiting for the bus and then sitting down the whole ride there

How To Help Obese Children Get More Physical