Donner Party

By Matthew Hodder

West word expanding and the Donner Party

When America was expanding to the west was more important than human life. For example the Donner party was one of the things that human life is not as important as expanding west. During the expansion of the west three groups were traveling west and their groups names were the Donner, the Reeds and the Breen's. They were traveling to California to get away from the already populated east. During the traveling they rain out of food and it was during winter when they were stuck in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. With the loss of food and in the cold mountains the travelers had to resort to cannibalism for their only hope to survive. Which caused a lot of casualties in the groups there were 87 of them to begin with and now there were only 46 of them that lived through the winter.

The cause of this is that a man name Mr. Hasting that said that there was a quicker way to go to California and only The Donner’s and their team went and all the other went the normal way to California. Also while the group was stuck in the mountains no one came to save them in time because of all the men were fighting Mexico to get California. This made it that the Donner’s and the rest could not be saved until the war was over. This also proves that westward expansion is more important than the other peoples life. Also people didn't just become cannibals, people also became crazy and were trying to kill live people because the loss of food and some of the normal people only ate the people who already passed away.

The trip that the party took almost one whole year long. The party had to cross the Great salt lake desert and the Sierra Nevada mountains. Those two were the most devastating parts of the journey that they had to take. With those two parts of the journey and with the loss of food there were no cattle left and no wagons to travel, they had to walk on foot to get over the mountains and into California. In the team that they traveled in the Donner’s suffered the most only two of the family members survived.

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The Donner Party: A Quick History

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