iPads in the Classroom

Teaching and Learning with Technology

What are the advantages?

Brad Gurgel has been a principal and teacher at a school that adopted iPads on a 1:1 device to student ratio. He was skeptical about how effective the iPads would be compared to a traditional desktop, but he learns that iPads offer more opportunity in the classroom. Here, he shares ten reasons why an iPad is the perfect classroom tool.
School leaders say that iPads are a powerful and versatile tool that virtually changes the face of education. Here are 10 additional benefits of using iPads in schools.
The following article explains the advantages versus the disadvantages to having iPads in the classroom. As a teacher, it gives you information to consider both the pluses and minuses that come along with change.
Along with reading more benefits of iPads in the classroom, this is a great article to hear feedback from schools that have already implemented iPad programs.
School trades paper for iPads

What about digital textbooks?

Here, you can read the shift from schools using textbooks to eBooks on iPads in the classroom. Today, technology is a daily part of students lives so not taking advantage of these mobile devices as learning tools makes no sense.
Should tablets replace textbooks in K-12 schools? Read about the pro and con arguments here to give you a better understanding. This article also gives statistics regarding tablets.
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In this video, Ms. Goodrich, a teacher from Woodland Elementary School prepares her students for Social Studies by pairing her students up to use iPads as their textbooks.
More schools move from textbooks to digital courses

Why are schools jumping on the iPad bandwagon?

In this article, you can read about why schools are embracing iPads as a learning tool and what educational uses their students are receiving from them.
This report from CNN explains statistics for why schools are jumping on the iPad bandwagon. It also explains that students are more comfortable with iPads and are more engaged.

Why do iPads engage kids?

This article explains why children are so engaged by iPads in the classroom. iPads allow even very small children to take advantage of a computer and they are very easy to use.
Getting students engaged seems easier when you bring in technology such as iPads. iPads create an opportunity for students to get engaged with not only their teacher, but peer students, as well.
Top 10 Reasons to Use Technology in Education: iPad, Tablet, Computer, Listening Centers