Living the Life of Many

Emily Manning


Lydia is the core personality in the body. She was born as Lydia and grew up known as Lydia, the other personalities didn't appear until her mid teens, she's in her late twenties now. She suffered from abuse and sexual assault when she was a child. Lydia is very smart and friendly, but she is nervous all the time, expecting someone to attack her. She has some friends not many though because she has trust issues.
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Luana is one of Lydia's multiple personalities, she portrays a forty year hispanic old women who is grumpy all the time. She's never friendly with anyone and is always rude to the people she runs into. Luana has no friends and wishes to be isolated. She displays the more confident and controlled part of Lydia instead of letting people take advantage of her.
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Nicki plays the role of the "party girl', her character portrays an american teenager from the fifties, who's sweet and innocent but knows how to have fun. She takes over Lydia when her friends invite her out or when she meets a boy she's interested in. Nicki represents the fun times of being a teenager that Lydia never got.
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Hannah is a 10 year old British girl, whose afraid of everyone but at the same time feels lonely and wants to be with everyone. She doesn't know what wether to be friends with people or never talk to anyone, in the fear of getting hurt. She has no knowledge of how to be mature but is still respectful.
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Lydia's Triggers

Lydia's triggers are grasshoppers and being in the dark. Her parents used to trap her in dark room where bugs would get in, so from now on she's turns into her other personalities. She also has a fear of books, because when she was younger her father used to hit her with books.