Thinking Tools & Representations

Exploring Rekenreks & Number Lines in Primary Math (Draft)


What does 'Show your thinking' mean for students? am I navigating pictures, numbers, words, thinking tools and kid watching ?

Is it time to deepen my learning about representations/models?

Is there a landscape for thinking tools and representations?

Grounding Documentation in Research Fosnot et. al

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Rekenreks in Grade One
Using Rekenreks & Making Connections in Grade One

Resources for Rekenrek

Twitter has a hashtag. It's #rekenrek. Many educators are tweeting about home made rekenreks, explanations for parents and activities.
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Number Lines

Examples of Number Lines in Grades 1, 2 & 3
Students Using Number Line Part 1
Using a Number Line in Grade 1
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Resources for Number Lines

Representation of thinking Grade 2