All About Abby

You will never fail at what you love.


Interests: I love to play volleyball, and I love animals.

Skills: I am good at letting people know that someone is there for them. trying to make them feel better.

Values: My values are my family, freinds, and pets.

Self-esteem: Sometimes I can beleive in myself, but sometimes its like i cant do it.

Learning style: I like to see the teacher or caoch show the drill or how to do something so then I will be ready for when its my turn.

"Why should all these things be considered when choosing a career."

There are many reasons of what you should think of when you choose a career because you have to think if your parents will be excited for you or be a little disapointed. You will also think about how far it will be away from your parents.


My career as a.....

My career as a docter.

Job description> Becoming a doctor it is very time comsuming and expensive. You have to be highly trained in health.

Mesian Salary (annaully)> There are many kind of doctors and a family doctor makes

152,635. And there average earning is $230.

Job outlook> a 30% (much faster than average) from 2010-2020

Cluster> Health

Work schedlue>assatants work full time.

Work environment> They spend a lot of time on their feet.

Something interesting> something interesting about me job is that there will be different cases everyday.


Collage> UFAS

Which collage you would like to attend> I would like to go to Flordia State University.

Located> Flordia

Why I would like to go to this collage> I would like to go to this collage because this is we're I could become a doctor. And this collage is kinda far way.

Degree> You will need a bachelors degree and medical degree as well.

Amount per hour> 113.24

Degree hoping for> I'm hoping for a bachelors degree.