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Weekly News

Dear Parents and Caregivers:

I hope everyone had a great break and are having a wonderful new year. Overall we had a fantastic week transitioning back into our school routine after two weeks off. Its great to get back into our regular routine. There have been some changes to the demand and expectations of the students. They all responded to this increase with a positive mindset. We also started a new program called "Move This World". I can't wait to see how this will help my students strengthen their emotional well being.

We had a fun and busy week of learning. Please take a look below for details on what we did this week.

Important News: We are going to be beginning our middle of the year testing. Here is the dates of your child's NWEA tests

January 14th

January 16th

January 20th

January 22nd

Math: We jumped right back into division in both grade levels. I noticed that my students need some more practice with their multiplication and division facts. You may have noticed the letter that spoke to this in their Friday folder. Please find time every night and work with them to help build their fluency. If we can do this together your child will have great success going forward in our math chapters for the year.

Reading Workshop: We are working with informational texts. These are Nonfictional passages that give factual information. The students worked hard to learn the text structures, text features, and main idea of different informational text.

  • The 5th graders received their second trimester book log this weekend, as well as a new book to start reading. It is their responsibility to find 20 minutes each night to read and respond within their log. It is your responsibility to check your child's log and provide me with your initials. These two combined will result in a weekly log score of 10 points.

Writing: I hope you enjoyed reading your child's narrative that was placed into their Friday folder. This week we have started writing our second piece of the year. They are writing their persuasive essay.

Science: This week your child was given their planet project rubric. They will start this project on Monday and it will be completed by Friday. It is a fast project, but worth 100 points. Ask your child what planet they received and if they know any interesting facts already. You may be surprised at how much they are learning about our solar system.

Social Studies: We are learning about our nation's states. We have finished all the states that start with the letter A and are currently learning about California, Colorado, and Connecticut. It has been so fun to watch my students really enjoy learning these states and I am hopeful they will be able to say all the states in order when we are finished.

Our Classroom Community

A Glance into the Month

January 13th - January 23rd

NWEA Testing Window

Thank you kindly for supporting your child's education!