Stress ; Causes and Reliefs

By : Payton Grooms

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Somethings that are able to cause stress for you easily are

- Replaying stressful situations in your head

- Always thinking about the bad things that could happen

- Procrastination

- Clutter in your house or work area

- Losing somebody in your family

- Lack of privacy

- Starting at a new school or job

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How are these examples of stressors?

- Replaying stressful situations in your heads helps rebuild stress because it can remind you of it and then give you that same stress feeling you had because you were thinking about it.

- Always thinking about the bad things that could happen builds stress because it worries you and that then turns out to be pretty much the only thing you're thinking about so that's all you feel.

- Procrastination builds stress because you wait so long to do something that when its time to do it, you get upset because you know you only have a little bit of time to do the things you put off.

- Clutter builds stress because you don't ever have space to move around, and there's so much stuff around you that it irritates you because you cant do the things you're wanting to.

- Losing somebody in your family builds stress because that's the only thing you'll really be thinking about. So it makes you upset, and that's the way you'll stay until you get over it.

- Lack of privacy builds stress because you're never able to just sit by yourself or do things you want by yourself. You're not able to have "you" time.

- Starting at a new school or job builds stress because you're moving to a new surrounding with people you don't know, and different things are going there so it makes you nervous.

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Solutions to these stress problems

- One way you could try to deal with your stress, is by maybe going into a room by yourself for a couple of minutes and give yourself a minute to cool off for a minute.

- You could close your eyes and count to ten, if you're not able to go to another room just try to block everybody out for a second.

- You could listen to music, you can put in your headphones a maybe play a song you really like and just try to forget about everything else.

- Get enough sleep

- Smile

- Express your feelings

- Get enough sleep

- Eat right

- Meditate

- Learn to breathe

- Play around

- Plan ahead

- Visualize positive things

- Hang out with friends

- Be silent

- Go to a quiet place

- Listen to music

- Watch your favorite television show

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Things to physically do to remove stress

- You could take a walk, just go outside by yourself and take a quiet walk and try to get the the things that are stressing you out and try to remove them out of your head.

- You could take a hot bath, or hot shower. And just sit in there for a little bit and try to relax.

- You could try yoga, breathe very deep in and out and try to forget about everything.

- You could physically exercise, focus on getting yourself to a certain point and not pay attention to the surroundings at that moment.

- You could chew gum, chewing gum can run you a little bit out of energy and make you more worried about that than a lot of other things. And because they're busy doing that they kind of forget about what was stressing them out.

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Why is learning about stress important?

Learning about stress is important because,

- It helps you or teaches you to try and stay away from the things that make you stressed

- It can let you know if you maybe need help with your stress

- It shows you ways to quickly get rid of your stress

- It can maybe stop you from stressing before it does something to your brain or body

- It can give you helpful ideas on ways to take care of your stress

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