T.C. Williams Library

April 2013 Activity Report


We had the busiest month of the school year in April, coinciding with all of our contests and events celebrating School Library Month

Instruction & Collaboration

We had 118 classes use library services during April. Classes included:

o Public Policy Research (Dennis, Freitag, Davye, O’Rourke)

o Research & Social Issues (Henry, Von Topel)

o Research & Unusual Phenomena (Grayson)

o Research & Genocide (Martin, Perini, Vera, Dodson)

o AP U.S. History- 20th Century topics (Craig)

o Nonfiction reading to support lessons (Kratovil)

o Careers Research (Divan)

New Initiatives

We selected a design by Jack Carver in Kate Elkins’ Commercial Design class as the new logo for TC READS and other library programs and will incorporate it into most of our print and electronic communication.


· Purchased $ 2,400 of new materials and database renewal; and processed approx. $ 2,000 of books previously ordered.

· Working with ITS, we ordered a set of 12 iPad 3s for use next year in orientations, lessons, and for eBooks.

· Created displays for new materials, Jazz Appreciation Month, , National Poetry Month, & Earth Day

Minnie Howard campus

Approximately 50 students participated in a forty minute Skype session with “T.C. READS” author Ni-Ni Simone on April 23, 2013.

Instruction & Collaboration

o Assisted reading classes with Multi-Genre Biography Project using library databases & web 2.0 tools, (Church-Connelly, Foley)

o Collaborated with teachers for proposed materials for students and teachers for STEM Academy. (Markley, Sicard)


Final process of approximately $7,000 in print and electronic books.

Created interactive displays for National Library Week & Poetry Month


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