Could you Host an Exchange Student?

Looking for loving family to host a foreign exchange student

Meet Valentina from Italy:

Valentina is from central Italy and she excitedly wrote her Family Letter because she cannot wait to be come part of an American home. Valentina is a member of the Italian Red Cross where she volunteers and likes to be involved “in order to be helpful for the society”. Valentina says she feels it is important to help people and someday she hopes to work in the medical field. Valentina’s other passion is animals, especially dogs. She has a golden retriever names “Nelson” and she also likes cats, rabbits, horses and cows. Valentina is also an avid tennis player and practices two times a week but she would also like to try new sports while in the USA. Valentina is active, but she also has quieter interests such as reading, listening to music, cooking, and being with friends. Valentina also enjoys spending time with her family and is helpful around the house. Now Valentina is preparing to be an exchange student and she likes Americans because, “I like to positive and smiling people and the Americans look always so positive and smiling?.” Valentina also expresses her gratitude to her natural parents and future host family for allowing her this opportunity to come to the USA!

World Heritage High School Student Exchange Program

World Heritage High School Student Exchange Program is one of the most respected international organizations dedicated to education through student exchange. Hosting a World Heritage foreign exchange student allows families like your own to experience the fun of getting to know another culture without ever having to leave your backyard! As a World Heritage host family, you will gain not only priceless memories with your new "son" or "daughter", but also friendships that will last a lifetime. As your World Heritage student becomes a part of your life, he or she will also gain a deeper appreciation for both your culture as well as his or her own culture. With World Heritage, making your family a little more international has never been easier! World Heritage exchange students are enthusiastic and come from a wide varieties of countries including: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Denmark, France, Gaza, Georgia, Germany, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Krgyzstan, Kuwait, Mexico, Moldova, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Syria, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, West Bank and Yemen.

Kelly Blake - Volunteer Area Representative

Please contact me if you or someone you know would like more information about hosting an foreign exchange student.