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The Week Ahead for the Week of August 31-September 2

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Admin PLC

Grade Level PLCs

Chivers Safe-T training

Campbell out PM


Meeting 10:30 Ebinport-Campbell

1:00 Fire Drill- Please make sure you follow the new procedures Mrs. Chivers-White reviewed at our opening meeting. Also talk to your students about expectations during the drill.

Student Council names due to Mrs. Chivers-White by today.

No Staff Meeting- Grade Level PLC Meeting Time
This time should be utilized to complete the SLO video segments and quiz. You will need to print results at the end of the quiz. There is an SLO module in Canvas with some important documents and the link to the toolkit training site.
Next Tuesday, Karen Price will be working with us on writing good assessments and setting student targets. You can also use Tuesday to begin working on assessment questions.


Grade Level PLCs

Dental Van

Boy Scout Rep will be set up at the back of the cafeteria during lunch. This is for boys in grades 1-5. He will have a wrist band for each boy in your class (Gr 1-5).
He will have a pencil for every student in grades 1-3.


Elem AP Meeting 7:30 AM

IEP Meeting 2:45 Conference Room

Scout Night 7 PM Cafeteria


Campbell Summative Evaluation Meeting 8-10 Supt. Office

Health Source Meeting 12

College Football Kickoff
Wear your college football team gear and jeans.
***More info to come from the Sunshine Committee

Notes From Mrs. Chivers-White

Many have not completed the Canvas 504 training and test. Please get this completed by the end of the day Monday.

Be sure that the items in the science lab have been placed into the correct kits.

If you need any textbooks, please email Mrs. Chivers-White.

Curriculum Corner

This week's Curriculum Corner is focused on good assessment questions. The link below will take you to a power point that I pieced together from two powerpoints that was presented to the SLO lead team this past spring. Mrs. Gresham, Mrs. Rowe, and Mrs. Shuckhart participated in this session. These ladies, Mrs. Chivers-White, and I will be try our best to answer any questions you may have.

Also...I know Mrs. Moore has talked to each grade level about the first 20 days. I want to reiterate and stress how important it is to focus on the foundation of the first 20 days.


For 2015-2016, the district's budget included a reduction in daily sub cost of over $300,000, resulting in school being given an allotment for subs for the year.
Old Pointe's sub allocation is 377 days*. I will monitor our days periodically and update you accordingly.

These are days that Kelly services subs are used. Long term subs for FMLA are not deducted from the allocation.


A "Volunteers" module has been added in Canvas.
You will find two files. One is a filtered list of OPES volunteers. The other is a district list of all approved volunteers for the district.
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